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30 Day Guarantee

Enjoy DirectoryBug’s exclusive guarantee. If any listing is removed within 30 days of receiving your report, we’ll replace it with a new listing! Just one of the many DirectoryBug Advantages

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What Makes DirectoryBug Different?
Other Providers
Accurate Reporting and Live Listings
DirectoryBug provides a complete report of all business profiles created, as well as a report of previously existing listings found on over 100 sites with the DirectoryBug Scanner™.
Optimized Listings
DirectoryBug creates the highest quality business profiles with unique content that is fully optimized for search, resulting in increased visibility and local search rankings that help customers find your business. We take advantage of each sites unique features and fully optimize your online business profiles.
Unique Content
Our team of professional writers create unique descriptions to accurately and professionally represent your business. DirectoryBug provides the only local business listing service that also includes professionally written descriptions.
You’ll Only Pay For What You Need
DirectoryBug only lists your business on sites it is not already listed on, and we only create business profiles on sites that are relevant to your business.


The DirectoryBug Process


Review and Scan

After an order is received, all details are carefully reviewed to ensure accuracy and consistency. The information is then put into the DirectoryBug Scanner™ to find where your business is already listed. From there, we create a detailed list of the most important properties your business is not currently listed on for your order.

Writing and Prep

Your order is then placed into our order system where our professional writers begin writing detailed keyword optimized descriptions for your listings. Photos are collected from the company website and other media sources to accurately represent the business, and named with keywords to further optimize your profiles.

Listing Your Business

Once set-up is complete, another quality check is performed before your business is the listed across the top local search directories and search engines. Each profile created utilizes that platform’s unique features to the fullest, providing your with the maximum benefits and exposure from online business listings.


Review and Report

With DirectoryBug, you only pay for approved live listings, if you order 35 listings, you will receive a report containing 35 live listings. You will likely see many more listings on the web as data is syndicated from our core sources.
All reports also include all existing listings found using our the DirectoryBug Scanner™. Log in details are included fore each profile, giving you complete ownership of the online profiles we create. All listings and reports are carefully reviewed before an order is complete.

30 Day Guarantee

If any listing is removed for any reason within 30 days of receiving your report, we’ll replace it with a new listing!

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We are meticulous when it comes to better listings
Each step of our process goes through a thorough quality check to ensure your listings are the best they can be. View samples of our quality listings below:

The DirectoryBug Advantage


No Duplicate Listings
No Duplicate Listings

DirectoryBug only creates profiles on sites that your business is not already listed on. We check for all your current listings. DirectoryBug provides the only business listing service that does this with accuracy.

Pro Quality Unique Descriptions
Quality Unique Descriptions

We have a team of dedicated professional writers who create keyword optimized descriptions for your business based on the number chosen in your package. Keyword optimized, unique content is the key to successful long term local search rankings.

Approved Live Listings
Approved, Live Listings

We provide live listings, not just pending submissions and syndicated duplicates like many other services provide. Another reason why DirectoryBug’s Online Business Listing Service is far superior to any others.

Top Quality Web Sites
The Highest Quality Sites

Each site we list on is hand selected with care. There are many many sites that do not meet our quality standards and we only list on sites that have proven beneficial. What you may not know is, listing on certain sites may cause more harm than good.

Manual Directory Submissions
Manually Submitted With Care

We visit each site individually, and create unique optimized listings. Each site requires the indiviual attention of a real human, and we know how to make the most of each listing created.

DirectoryBug Optimized Listings
Optimized Listings

We don’t just create listings for spiders to scrape, we create listings that rank, and help to build your online presence. We have tested and concentrate on many factors with each listing, providing you with the very best online listings.


Improving Local SEO, One Client At A Time
Join hundreds of other business owners and internet marketers who have already had great success with help from the team at DirectoryBug
Casey Genesis Net Development

“DirectoryBug is THE source when it comes to local SEO and online business listings. DirectoryBug’s business listing/citation service is not only the best available, but it is the only one available that offers unique descriptions and that checks for existing listings first to avoid duplicate listings.

Casey | Genesis Net Development

DirectoryBug Optimized Listings

“Being a full service Internet Marketing Company that specializes in Reputation Management, we often find local businesses trying to adapt to the local seo environment. One such service that caters to local seo is DirectoryBug. After using their services for over 35 clients, we have seen huge increase in inbound traffic. Earned media is an increasingly challenging channel to conquer, and using DirectoryBug allows our clients the best possible chance to dominate local seo. DirectoryBug creates and manages listings on high quality directory and citation sites that count so much in local seo.”

Matt Maglodi |

Brian Hanson

“If you want your clients to keep paying you for your monthly services, you need to show RESULTS, DirectoryBug is the one that can provide results, EVERYTIME! Your clients don’t care how much time and effort you spend on their campaign, they only care about ROI. There are many companies out their providing services like citations, but many of them use bots and cookie cutter tactics that do more harm than good. DirectoryBug does manual submissions, creates different descriptions (yes, Google will slap you for using duplicate descriptions) and uses only trusted sources that boost your rankings.

Thanks a Million, Literally!”

Brian Hanson |

Give our online business listing service a try, and join the hundreds of other business owners who have already experienced great success.
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