How To Combine Or Merge A Google+ Brand Page With A Google+ Local Page

Before Google Places pages were updated to become Google+ Local pages, many business owners and marketing professionals created Google+ Brand pages, or similar Google+ pages that were unable to connect to Google Maps, but were able to utilize the social features of Google Plus for a more direct connection with customers by allowing for followers and circle inclusion. Many of these Google+ Brand pages built up a sizable following, but the introduction of Google+ Local pages, which allow for connection to Google Maps and function as a place for customers to leave reviews about a business, all existing Google Places pages were transferred into Google + Local pages and any new sign up at Google Places also creates a Google+ Local page.  This confusing change also prompted many business owners to create a second page on Google+  in addition to their brand page for the local aspects.

Since the Google Places pages were upgraded to G+ Local pages, many individuals have been struggling to find a way to combine both of their pages in order to save time on page updates, avoid losing followers and posts, and centralize the business information into one convenient, location-specific page. Until now, doing that wasn’t possible without calling Google support, but the latest update to Google+ Local pages now allows business owners to quickly and easily combine their G+ Local page into their G+ Brand page.


Steps to Combine A G+ Local and Brand Page:


Step 1: Log in to Google+ with the account that controls the company pages.


Step 2: From the Google+ home screen, hover over “Home” and select “Pages”

Google+ Pages

You will see both of your Google+ pages. The Google+ Local page will display a gray verification badge, which will display the message “Verified local business” when you hover over it with your cursor.


Step 3: On your Google+ Local page, click “Manage this Page”

Google + Page Management

Under the Dashboard navigation menu, choose “Settings”


Step 4: Scroll to the “Profile” Section


You should see confirmation that “This page is connected to Google Maps.” Immediately underneath this, you will want to click “Connect to a different page”


Step 5: Choose the page that you would like to connect to Maps

Connect pages

Click “Next”


Step 6: The dialog box will ask you to confirm the changes you would like to make.


You will then be redirected to your new Google+ page. A yellow bar will confirm that your page was connected to GoogleMaps. When you return to your Google+ Pages, you will see that the Google+ Brand page now displays the “Verified local business” badge and the former Google+ Local page will now be designated as a backup.


Combined page

Combined page dashboard

Be sure to note that when combining your pages, you may possibly be removing ad campaigns associated with one or both of the pages.