What’s the Point of Listing Your Business?

For the modern business owner, navigating the world of successful online marketing techniques can be a time-consuming nightmare. Too many business owners content themselves with just a website and a Facebook page and convince themselves that they’ve done all they can to promote their business to customers searching for businesses online.

Unfortunately, competitors are going way beyond the standard webpage and Facebook basics of online marketing. There’s a myriad of ways to take advantage of the world wide web to increase your customer base but it does take some time and knowledge to harness these tools to get the results you want. The end goal for many business owners is ending up on the front page of Google for specific keywords, but this goal is much easier said than done.

What can you do?

With the latest Google updates, getting on the front page of search results has become easier… kind of. The newest Google algorithm update seems to favor online business directories over individual business sites for many search terms. For example, a mobile search for “restaurants Cincinnati” yields three individual business results near the top, followed by a full page of business directories and similar sites that have listings for a variety of local companies. Desktop or non-mobile searches yield similar results, with many of the featured front page websites being directory listing sites. If you’re listing your business with one of these directories, then you’re appearing to any customers that are clicking on these search results.

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Listing your business is a practical step for any business owner looking to ramp up their online marketing game. Having high-quality and relevant business directory listings helps improve the SEO of your business’s own website. This means that by listing your business on outside websites, you are helping your own position in search engine rankings. Seems like a no-brainer, right?

Why does it matter?

Some business owners may not understand the importance of having a strong web presence when a business is looking to expand its customer base. Today, it is simply a fact that more and more customers are using the internet to determine where they want to spend their money. When your business appears in online directories, customers who are searching for exactly the products or services you offer will see your company’s name, address, phone number, and web address. Many of these directories also allow customers to see photos of your business as well as reviews left by customers. These listings are supercharged to give interested customers all of the information they need to contact you.

To be frank, skipping online business listings is something business owners simply can’t afford to do these days. Furthermore, business owners need to be absolutely certain that the information on all new and existing business listings is up to date and accurate. An industry-lead study found that inaccurate or missing business listings cost businesses over $10.3 billion in sales.

If you don’t have time to go through and double-check every listing by hand, or if you just want someone else to handle the tedious task of data entry and double-checking, you might want to consider investing in an online business listing service that will provide accurate and SEO-optimized business directory listing services. A good online business listing service will ensure that your business is listed in reputable and relevant online directories that customers actually look at when they’re deciding where to spend their money.